Chiara Rampini is an italian professional painter, she is 33 years old and  expreses her artistic creativity through the natural landscape of Elba, a small island in front of the Tuscan coast, where she lives.

Her paintings , with bright and vivid colors, carefully choosen with strong contrasting outlines, the acrilyc technique allows her to bring out the effectiveness and aesthetic intensity of real stories, as she says: "I try to express the energy  of the power of life,  that goes from the heart to the mind".

At the age of 16 she moved to Milan, where she started her artistic studies first at high school and then in 2008 she graduated at the "Belle Arti" art-accademy of  Brera. As Chiara says "the mistic light, the bewitching sea, the moving clouds and the infinitive horizons, I try to captive them into my paintings immortalizing their beauty, which leads to philosophical and poetic thoughts, with a mix of rationality and instinct ".

Chiara is now an accomplished painter with behind 15 exhibitions and many critical praise, and after the phase in which she made portraits of ordinary people and well-known personalities, including Frida Kahlo, Martin Luther king, Margherita Hack and Rita Levi Montalcini, she develops and improves the use of  line and colour. Painting becomes a way to  understand herself  and the world around her, through which she tells about her land and her existential reflections.

Rampini is often raped and fascinated by the wonderful views of her island that she photographes during her long walks “The wild nature of Elba on my canvas seams to drenche  in an almost metaphysical calm in which the viewer has the opportunity to get lost and to calm his anxieties”.